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      Carbon Monoxide * from gas appliances, candles or other.
        Detection, Prevention, Treatments and Resources

      Fluorine Fluoridation of Water Supplies, Manufacturing, Ore Processing
      VOCs * in building materials, furniture, cooking, and toys
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        VOC stands for "Volatile Oxygen Compounds" like formaldehyde

      Mold/Fungus * in buildings, gardens, furniture and food
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      Clothing Chemicals * in underwear, outerwear, socks, shoes and bedding.
        Detection, Prevention, Treatments and Resources

      Safe Room * for sleeping, working, cooking, living (links off site).

Carbon Monoxide dot Org

The goal of this site is to provide
   carbon monoxide poisoning treatment information   
Get The Word Out!!!
about the danger of CO

3,800 people died of carbon monoxide poisoning in 1998.
10 times that number are diagnosed as CO poisoned.
10 times that many go undiagnosed.

Now it is known that many forms of CO poisoning are not short term and is not readily recovered from.  There are many mild, medium and severe long term symptoms that come years to decades after exposure.  Parkinson disease appears to be one of them.

The best authoritative medical source of symptoms is Dr. Penney's web site named Carbon Monoxide Headquarters.

Another excellent health resource that is for the CO Victim is CO Support.

The CO Alert mailing list is at Home Safe. This list is for CO information, CO victims, and CO Support. It is run by Mike Bragg of Home Safe, a Chimney Repair firm in West Virginia, USA.

The CLMB Foundation site is dedicated to providing information on CO poisoning, its causes, its effects, and how to prevent yourself from injury and death due to the #1 cause of accidental poisoning in America today. Here you'll find the Do's and Don'ts of carbon monoxide poisoning, a self-test on what and what not to do to prevent the onset of CO, news, science briefs, and more information on CO poisoning.

Please use the above resources while this site undergoes it initial construction. Expectations are this site will become the de facto standard jumping off point for all CO related topics.

The mission of this web site is to supplement the existing CO web resources, not duplicate them here, to supply a centralized community resource to access those resources, and assist the legal process of requiring CO Detectors in risk areas.


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